Our Process

You'll know before we shoot it's going to be great.
That's Pre-Production at digital brand. We plan every detail to the nth degree with your input, inside your budget, and help you sell it up the line. With storyboards. Conference calls. A tight script. Talent and music auditions. Before we're on location, you're confident – we've got it.
Let's shoot for something bigger.
All the kinks have been worked out. (That was Pre-Production, remember?) We can focus on your vision. The talent is killing it. The lighting is awesome. The mood is perfect. Oh, we're getting it! We're always looking for shots that will help you make more out of your video. Let's play it back. OMG, you can see it already! And it's fun. And on time. And fun!
Cut, Polish and Deliver
We're so flexible and accustomed to working however you prefer. You can supervise the edit from the get-go in our ultra-comfy suite. Or we can show you a first cut. We make it easy for you to review remotely and make edits and comments. And we're quick. You'll hit your deadline and knock their socks off. We can turn the footage, graphics and animation into social media, TV commercials, different versions for different audiences. Because we plan. And we think ahead. Post-Production begins in Pre-Production!