Video Shooting processVideo Shooting process

Core Team

A hard-working, collaborative team who is Kansas-Proud and passionate about supporting Kansas businesses. We hand-pick the crew that's right for each job, so we bring the best in lighting, writing, graphics and animation, set design, and talent. We're nice people. We have a good sense of humor. The highest compliment we get from clients is "You get us."
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Eric Zoller

Since acquiring DB in 2006, Eric has built a core team and a  reputation second to none. He expects excellence and he sets standards high. Off-the-clock Eric enjoys running, college and professional sports, rock music videos, and traveling with family.  

Lonny Quattlebaum

Videographer/Editing Specialist
Lonny is the award-winning editing wizard of digitalbrand, always keeping the team up-to-date with the latest and greatest AI tech and gear. Lonny's a movie buff – always ready with a quote (never, hardly ever, the same one twice) – who enjoys family and travel.

Jennie Steinacher

Producer/Project Manager
Jennie touches every part of a project – client communication, production planning, vendor management – she's the go-to. When the heat's off, she enjoys time with her husband, two rescue dogs, and house renovation. We're lucky she's inexhaustible.

Cory Whitlock

Cory is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to "getting-the-shot". Whether that's with a handheld camera or flying a drone, he finds the best shots at every angle. When he's not cracking jokes on set, you can find Cory cracking a cold one on the golf course or hanging out with his dog.  

Tina Truong

Assistant Editor
Tina is a master at taking MASSIVE amounts of footage, and artistically selecting the best of the best. She specializes in colorgrading, and reformatting edits to be best suited for all of our clients' platforms. In her free time, Tina's attention to detail continues to surface as she enjoys making painstakingly-detailed custom dolls.

Paula Zoller

Office Manager
Paula is digitalbrand's managerial backbone. You'll find our business practices, documentation and response impeccable and immediate. Off-the-clock she enjoys family, travel, all types of music, and gardening.

Our Process

You'll know before we shoot it's going to be great.
That's Pre-Production at digital brand. We plan every detail to the nth degree with your input, inside your budget, and help you sell it up the line. With storyboards. Conference calls. A tight script. Talent and music auditions. Before we're on location, you're confident – we've got it.
Let's shoot for something bigger.
All the kinks have been worked out. (That was Pre-Production, remember?) We can focus on your vision. The talent is killing it. The lighting is awesome. The mood is perfect. Oh, we're getting it! We're always looking for shots that will help you make more out of your video. Let's play it back. OMG, you can see it already! And it's fun. And on time. And fun!
Cut, Polish and Deliver
We're so flexible and accustomed to working however you prefer. You can supervise the edit from the get-go in our ultra-comfy suite. Or we can show you a first cut. We make it easy for you to review remotely and make edits and comments. And we're quick. You'll hit your deadline and knock their socks off. We can turn the footage, graphics and animation into social media, TV commercials, different versions for different audiences. Because we plan. And we think ahead. Post-Production begins in Pre-Production!

Our Clients Like Us

(and you would too)
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“Digital Brand understood our idea and worked with us to make it better. Pre-production planning was superb… Thanks to their professionalism, we hit an ambitious deadline with a video whose quality and message exceeded everyone’s expectations.”
Kansas Leadership Center
Quote iconWSU Tech Logo
“Working with Digital Brand is always a great experience! They help us create quality video work that helps us connect with audiences in a way that drives the results we want for our organization.”
WSU Tech
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“The whole team at Digital Brand was awesome to work with and made sure they were creating a video we wanted. They think it through and are creative in the process.”
American Heart Association
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“Digital Brand produced two award winning videos for my firm, Professional Engineering Consultants. Their approach was interactive, learning about our company culture and then helping us find the voice to accurately convey that culture. They hired great writers and voice talent… I can recommend them very highly.”
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“I love working with these guys! Eric and Lonny are consummate professionals yet still make doing the job seem fun. Attention to detail and a fun loving spirit? You don't get that with every production company. Do yourself a favor, work with these cats! You won't regret it.”
Kevin Keplar
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Find out answers to the most popular questions our clients have.
How much does video production cost?
You’ve got a budget - we get it! The answer to this question depends on many things that we will estimate in your initial consult call including: Number of locations, additional crew, amount of post-production, custom graphics or soundtracks, etc. When you hire us you can be sure that we ONLY charge you for what is needed for your specific project. If unanticipated costs come up, we communicate those charges prior to incurring them. We work with a range of budgets to deliver quality at many price points. Get a Free Quote today to get started!
How does video content help businesses?
Video has the ability to communicate your company’s culture and tone in an accurate and memorable way. Not only does video content drive online traffic, but it gives your viewers a feeling of connection to your brand, even prior to their first interaction. Internally, video content can make exec-level employees seem more approachable, and build a sense of unity within the company. The benefits are endless! A great video doesn’t just work, it get’s work done for you. We provide guidance on messaging and placement to help your video drive real results.
How long does it take to produce a video?
The average, video production timeline is 6-8 weeks from inquiry to delivery. However, we have been known to be able to get things produced much quicker when needed! This timeline can vary based on the complexity of your video needs, your schedules, and any custom assets that are needed (graphics/soundtracks/etc). After our initial meeting, we’ll be able to send out an anticipated timeline for your project that accommodates your deadlines.
What’s the first step in producing a company video?
Submit a Contact form here to tell us about your project! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a video call to discuss ideas and scope. Following that call, we’ll craft a custom quote and creative brief for your project. This is at NO cost to you: No commitment is required!
How does a video crew work with a marketing team or agency?
We are very familiar with working with agencies, and internal marketing and media teams. Our producers will keep you in the loop with every step of the project, just like collaborating with an in-house team. We make sure that your vision and brand standards are accounted for, and that budgets and deadlines are met.
What does video production involve?
Our process is customized for every project. To get an idea of what you should expect, view OUR PROCESS here!
How does the video revision process work?
We believe that by working alongside you in the early stages of your video project, you can avoid having to go through multiple rounds of revisions. When it comes time for your first review, we put our best foot forward. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions - after all, YOU know your company and industry best! We can’t promise 30 rounds of revisions (because no one wants to do that), but we can promise that there will be no hidden costs or surprises, and you will be thrilled with the final product.
Who writes the script for a corporate video?
Our clients don’t have to spend time writing and rewriting the perfect script. Whether you have bullet points of ideas or a blank piece of paper, we’ll write and optimize your messaging to create an engaging visual concept. We specialize in brand messaging and content development, which results in videos that FEEL like your company, and stand the test of time.
What is a video library and why does a marketing team need one?
We pride ourselves in keeping your footage backed up safely. After your project is completed, your footage will be archived in our system for 2 years. We have nearly a 100% client return rate and will build an archive of your footage to make future projects with us a breeze. Footage can be re-purposed to save production costs on future projects!
Does Digital Brand travel outside of Wichita?
Yes! Our team is very familiar with traveling with gear and partnering with other crews across the country. No matter where we go, you can relax knowing that our level of service and quality of product will not change!