• The Lux

    Take a step back in time. This web commercial was produced alongside the talented team, Lifeboat Creative.

  • [ we know people ]

    Take a look as digitalBRAND explores humans being in this short montage featuring some of our favorite people.

  • Ribbit Computers “Crash, Crash. Ribbit, Ribbit”

We are digitalBRAND Communications

We are all about producing moving images of the highest quality. We do our best to minimize chaos, and we pay close attention to every detail. We are a Wichita-based HD video production company with more than a decade of experience in helping companies turn their concepts into solutions.

We are visual story tellers. We are content creators. We are collaborators and we are planners.

New to the visual medium? Allow us to show you the way. Know what you want? We will produce it.

With production experiences ranging from commercials, shows, corporate documentaries and marketing videos… whatever you throw at us, we can handle.